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Air conditioning and ventilation

I specialise in light commercial air conditioning projects. I have developed computer programs, specifically to minimise the time to design these systems, so your consultant costs, and overall costs are minimised.

Expert witness

I have been an expert witness in a number of cases, with generally an excellent result for my clients. These cases have covered both air conditioning and manufacturing problems.

Quality, environmental and safety considerations

I have a quality system, which is focused on meeting the clients needs at an economical price. My system ensures I keep up to date with relevant standards, EPA guidelines, etc. I am committed to delivering low energy use (and low running cost) systems within the clients' economic constraints. I review the safety of my designs prior to release for tender and prior to completion of the construction phase.

Recent example projects

Air-conditioning System design.

Links Hotel- major upgrade of the air conditioning and ventilation

Salisbury Hotel -major upgrade of the air conditioning and ventilation in the Gaming and Bistro areas

Kingsford Hotel- air conditioning of the gaming and TAB areas.

Finnsbury Hotel- air conditioning and ventilation of the strongroom

Hilton International Adelaide- a number of projects including replacement and upgrading of the kitchen evaporative cooler and ductwork.

Bethany Christian School- air conditioning of GPLA building

Residential: air conditioning design of a number of buildings, predominantly larger and more complex homes.

Design Spreadsheets.

I have developed a suite of spreadsheets to rapidly size equipment and ducts from a minimum of design input for light commercial air-conditioning projects. Many of the calculations are made using basic fluid dynamics principles or using fluid dynamics relationships to computerise published data.


'In my judgement, Clive, you got it right. Thank you.'

Tony Harnett, Manager, Kingsford Hotel.

'It works like a beauty'

Qualifications and experience


How I will work with you

Whenever possible I quote a job as a fixed price so that you know exactly how much you are committing for. Often risks can be minimised by doing the project in stages and only committing to the next stage once the scope of work is defined. Once you have explained your needs I will advise of the preferred way to proceed.

Examples of typical projects

Strikes Gaming Room and Bistro at the Salisbury Hotel Now has excellent air conditioning and ventilation.

An interior view of the TAB bar at the Kingsford Hotel