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Practical ideas so you can reduce energy use in the home
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Find backissues of CoolComfort Tips, a newsletter giving practical advice on minimising your energy use in the home, focusing on low cost easily implemented ideas. (the newsletter is in temporary hiatus while I pursue other energy saving ideas.)

Energy is central to our world. However the more efficiently we use energy, the less we have to rely on polluting non-renewable sources, and the more we can use renewable sources like solar and wind.

It is practical for individuals to make a significant difference in our use of energy in the home. In the medium and long term this will also save you money. (In fact there are even some things you can do that cost nothing.) Reducing your energy use generally also reduces your Greenhouse gas production. If everyone took all available economic actions to reduce our energy use, easily exceeding the Kyoto Protocol targets would be achievable. This newsletter gives practical, affordable ideas while exploring the wider energy issues.

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