Low energy use evaporative coolers
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COOLMAX PTY LTD was formed in 1999 to provide low cost, environmentally friendly ways for people to reduce energy use in the home, particularly for heating and cooling. COOLMAX is based in Adelaide, Australia.

Clive Blanchard, a director of COOLMAX PTY LTD has worked for around 30 years in the air conditioning and energy efficiency industries, including 9 years as a Senior Design Engineer at the worlds largest exporter of evaporative coolers. While there he designed a cooler which quickly became Australia's most popular rooftop cooler. Clive has had a number of papers published on evaporative cooling and air conditioning. Three of Clive's evaporative cooling ideas have been patented.

Evaporative cooling can provide 80% saving in energy costs for cooling relative to a refrigerative air conditioner.

In Australia evaporative cooling is suitable in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and inland New South Wales and inland Queensland. About 8 million Australians live in these areas.

Clive has recently developed some accurate, easy to use air conditioning calculators to help you get the right air conditioning if evaporative cooling is not suitable for you.

Clive is the author of House Taming: How to reduce Greenhouse Gases in comfort.

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