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The COOLMAX CM50 has been discontinued, but this page has been kept for reference purposes.

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view of the air conditioner grille

The COOLMAX CM50 is a quiet, high performance wall or window mounted evaporative cooler.

Feel cool while caring for the environment with the COOLMAX CM50. You will save up to $250 per year in electricity costs for cooling, compared to a wall hung split air conditioner.* The COOLMAX CM50 is the most energy efficient, cost effective way of cooling your family and friends.

*Based on the article ‘New trends in residential cooling - energy saving with evaporative cooling.’

Environmentally friendly!

The COOLMAX CM50 is the quiet, environmentally friendly way to keep cool. The cooler uses no CFC’s, and uses minimal power and water.

showing the cooler installed in a wall

The fan is where it should be, outside!

Most of the noise in an evaporative cooler comes from the fan, so we have put the fan as far away from you as possible-outside! High performance acoustic insulation further reduces the noise so you can relax in peace.

High efficiency fan

Energy use is minimised by a high efficiency fan. In fact the cooler saves up to 50% of the energy used by some other similar evaporative coolers. (Saves up to 80% of the cooling energy used by a refrigerated air conditioner.) This means you won’t need to worry as electricity prices continue to rise.

Bellmouth inlet for low noise

The cabinet curves in at the inlet to the fan. This ensures the air flows smoothly onto the fan blades to give maximum airflow with a minimum noise level.

Unique one piece construction

Unique one piece construction in UV -stabilised polyethylene avoids leaks and corrosion for long life.

the double deflection louvres

Direct the cooling where you want it

Double deflection louvres let you direct the air where you want it for maximum comfort.

Easy and convenient controls

The simple controls on the COOLMAX are easy to use. There are no batteries to go flat or remote controls to lose. Simply adjust the variable speed control to get the exact amount of cooling you want.

Automatic weather damper

An automatic weather damper shuts when the fan is off to minimise cold drafts.

Two thirds of a light bulb

Plug into an ordinary power point for low installation costs

On average the cooler may use as little as two thirds the power of a 100W light globe*. This means you will probably be able to plug it into an existing power point. The low power requirement means that on average you will probably pay less than 2 cents per hour of operation!

how the air gets cooled

CELdek(r) pad for long life

The cooler is fitted with the world-renowned CELdek(r) pad. This ensures a long life, high cooling performance and also helps keep the noise low!

Minimal water use

Water use is minimised with a special ‘no adjustment needed’ bleed system to minimise your running costs. The bleed system prevents the harmful buildup of salts and dirt to maximise the life of your cooler.

How the cooler s the room

Generous cooling capacity so that you can relax in comfort

The COOLMAX CM50 is powerful enough to cool up to 45m2 floor area. Because the COOLMAX is evaporative, you can leave doors open to keep that spacious feeling. All the air is fresh and filtered to give a natural environment in your home. The cooler blows directly into the space where you are, to maximise your comfort, so you can sleep the night through.

Technical data


Actual airflow (l/s)



Watts input (W)



Cooling watts (W)*






Rated Current (A)



Indoor Height mm



Indoor Width mm



Outdoor Height mm



Outdoor Width mm



Outdoor Depth mm



Normalised Indoor SPL (dBA)



Weight (kg)



Due to a policy of continuous improvement, features and technical data are subject to change without notice

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