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The COOLMAX CM50 has been discontinued but these pages have been kept for reference

Is it big enough for me?

Refer to the Australian or New Zealand map.

If you are in zones 2,3,6,7,8, 14,15,17 evaporative cooling should give good satisfaction if correctly sized. In zones 12,13,16 talk to people in your area who have evaporative cooling to get an idea of what to expect. Refer below for sizing.

If you are in zones 5, 10, 11 the number of hours of feeling warm using evaporative cooling is high, but if power is expensive, an economic decision may be made to accept the discomfort to save running costs. In these zones I recommend the COOLMAX CM50 be used for rooms up to 22.5 square metres floor area. I also recommend you talk to people in your area who have evaporative cooling to get an idea of what to expect.

If you are in zones 1,4,9 evaporative cooling is unlikely to give satisfaction.

Zones 18 to 22 should not need cooling in a well designed home, however where cooling is required the COOLMAX is very effective.

This guide is for residential air conditioning only. For commercial applications contact us or speak to an air conditioning contractor.

Sizing in zones 2,3,6,7,8, 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22 .

To find out if the COOLMAX CM50 will suit you:

Use the COOLMAX size calculator. Fill in the numbers and the program will automatically calculate the evaporative cooling heat load. If the load is less than the CM50 capacity, then the cooler will give you comfort on all but the most humid days. The program is valid for Australia and New Zealand.

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