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Learn to be flexible!
In spring and autumn the weather tends to be mild in most of Australia. This means we can heat and cool our house as required with only minimal energy, if we learn to be flexible. When it is warm we need to dress cool (shorts, sandals, short sleave shirt or equivalent) and when it is cool we need to dress warmly (slip a jumper or cardigan on, perhaps change into jeans). We also need to be flexible about whether we are trying to keep the house warm or cool. One moment we need to try and keep the house cool by closing and shading windows during the day and the next moment, we are trying to keep the house warm by exposing windows to the sun during the day and closing blinds and curtains at night.Back to Contents
What insect screen should I use?
I mentioned last newsletter that I was going to purchase some insect screens for my house. They were needed because we were reluctant to open windows because of mosquitos. (The range of mosquito borne diseases prevalent today seems to be wider and even in quite southern locations insect screens are necessary.)
There is quite a range available today including:
  • Traditional lightweight aluminium frame screens These are cheap and can be removed for window cleaning if they are held in place with clips.
  • Magnetic or velcro screens These are relatively cheap, are easy to remove and are particularly convenient if you need to remove the screen to open or close the window. You can usually just peal up the corner to get access.
  • Retractable screens These are significantly more expensive, but mean that when not in use you have a clear view. They can retract sideways or upwards. If you have tall windows with vertical retraction, a pull cord can be fitted.
  • Motorised Retractable screens These are more expensive again. Although mainly used for outdoor screens they are useful for inaccesible windows.
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Ignore the carbon pricing scare mongering.
A scare campaign, against the proposed Carbon Price, is being run at the moment by the opposition and some business organisations. Interestingly not all businesses are opposed to it.
The first thing to remember is that only the 400 largest polluters are directly affected. The majority of businesses will only have an indirect increase in the cost of some of their purchases, mainly electricity. For most businesses electricity is only a small portion of their costs, and a small increase in electricity costs will only have a minor impact on prices. Although businesses will use the carbon price to justify price increases, remember that in most cases other increases would be far greater than the impact of a carbon price. One business I know of has calculated the likely impact at less than 0.2%!
Businesses who have already taken measures to minimise carbon emissions will be given a competitive advantage. This will give them an incentive to hold their prices or minimise price rises to increase market share.
Experience with other disruptions to pricing, is that for those businesses where this has a significant impact on costs, they will aggressively pursue reductions in carbon emissions, thus achieving the objective of the legislation, with minimal impact on the cost of living.
No one likes change, but the strength of this legislation is that it is minimising impacts while maximising the effectiveness.
Rather than listen to the mainstream news on this, consider this web site aims to give good quality balanced news. Its treatment of the environment is balanced and looks to call people to account for unsubstantiated claims. It is a good antidote to the Murdoch press. Back to Contents