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Seal those doors!

On a cold windy night, a lot of heat can blow out under and around your doors and around your window frames. If you haven't already done so, now is the time to weather strip windows and doors. Most modern aluminium windows have built in sealing strips, however older timber framed windows often have quite big gaps. Use rolls of self adhesive weatherstrip to go around the frames and seal them tight. Under the door you will also need some type of weatherstrip. The best ones for under doors spring up out of the way when you are opening the door. However even the rubbing type are acceptable unless you have carpet or a floor covering which will drag against it. If your door is already hard to open I strongly recommend the sprung ones.

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Air conditioners disappear from the market.

Another good news story for a change. The new Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for air conditioners have recently come in. This means if you are looking for reverse cycle heating this winter, you will find some models previously available are no longer in the shops. However even though some of the major brands dropped a few models that didn't meet the standards, allthe major brands have ranges that do perform.

Although this means the cheapest models in the marketplace have been dropped, the combination of lower electricity costs (and generally lower maintenance costs for the major brands) means that in the medium term you will save money.

We will also all save because the more efficient models have a smaller peak electricity demand (for a given capacity). This means the need for new power stations will grow somewhat slower than it was. This will then help keep a bit of a lid on electricity prices.

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Maximise comfort while minimising heating energy use.

The cold weather we have been having is making lots of demands on our heating systems.

During winter the strategy is always to minimise losses of heat and maximise the generation of heat in the house. Potentially big sources of loss are:

To maximise the generation of heat in the house:

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