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If buying a refrigerative air conditioner don't forget to check the size required by using a SureCool Air Conditioner Selector


Heat and cool the smallest possible area.

One important means to minimise energy use is to heat and cool the smallest possible area. For example if the laundry is not in use keep the laundry door closed so it is not being heated or cooled. The same applies for any unoccupied rooms.

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Troubleshooting Blogs added to

(A blog (or web log) is a way of frequently adding lots of small bits of information to a web site. This means it can rapidly grow into a very useful resource as it can grow in response to what the website visitors want, not what the author thinks they should know.)

Go to Refrigerative air conditioning troubleshooting or Evaporative cooling troubleshooting as required. Help me make this a useful resource, if you have a question and can't find the answer on or on the relevant Blogs then e-mail me and I will reply and also post the answer online for everyone. Qestions about energy use are welcome as well as questions about faulty air conditioners. Both Blogs already have a useful number of posts.

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Does the air conditioning industry know what it is doing?

Many people, at all levels within the air conditioning industry, from salespeople in a discount electrical store to Consulting Engineers at the major Consulting Engineering firms, think they understand air conditioning. But do they? Generally they understand some aspects of air conditioning but there are a lot of things that most practitioners are unaware of. The field is so large that no-one can possibly know everything about the field. (I include myself in that statement, but at least I am aware that I don't know everything!)

Examples are in the performance of both portable evaporative coolers and portable refrigerative coolers.

Most people are aware that portable evaporative coolers tend not to be particularly effective. However you will occasionally come across someone who is reasonably happy with it. These people will generally have one of the larger more powerful models, and they will have a house which just happens to allow them to use it effectively. In fact the performance data of these coolers, although useful to rank them, is not relevant to choosing the required size. This is different from rooftop and wall/window evaporative coolers where the published data does enable a properly designed system to be selected.

In fact understanding how portable evaporative coolers really work (which is different from what I call Conventional Theory) has lead me to obtain a provisional patent on a concept that would produce satisfaction in a much greater range of houses.

Similarly portable refrigerative coolers do not perform as well as conventional theory suggests. The biggest problem is that all of the affordable coolers take air from the room (pass it through the condenser) and discharge it outside. If you are blowing air outside, the air has to come from somewhere, and this means it leaks into the room from outside. If it is 40 degrees outside, the 40 degree air leaks into the room and adds to the heat load the air conditioner has to remove. In actual fact the portable refrigerative cooler doesn't cool the room, it simply provides a cone of cooler air immediately in front of it. If you are in the cone you may be comfortable. If not you will be uncomfortable. So again, although the performance data is useful to rank the portable refrigerative coolers, it can't be used to select the size.

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If you intend buying air conditioning this summer start thinking now.

If you think you may be buying air conditioning this summer start information gathering now.

A good source of information is the web site. Decide now what you want so you aren't pressured into buying in a rush during a heat wave.

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