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How can I be green and Green?

If planing to plant trees in your garden think where to put them so they will shade the house in summer but let the heat in in winter advice is available from

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Is nuclear power an option?

Today’s editorial is going to look at producing electricity (the supply Side ) not reducing the need for electricity (the demand side ). Over the last couple of years the nuclear industry has been running an extensive PR Campaign. They started in the technical literature and have now moved on to the general press They are useing the greenhouse gas issue as the main drawcard to get public support.

Although eliminating greenhouse gas production is certainly an advantage of nuclear power, I feel that it doesn’t outweigh the risks. Although I think that the long term storage problem can be addressed I feel that the problem of transporting the waste safely is much harder to solve. For a terrorist organisation a Convoy of vehicles carrying waste would be an attractive target to hijack for the waste, or simply to blow it up to disperse the waste into the atmosphere. Another problem is that if we adopt it as a form of power we have no moral right to try and stop rogue States from using it as a source of power (and hence a source of material for bombs).

I wrote the above before reading the July-Sept issue of ReNew (A publication of the ATA (the Alternative Technology Association)). Editor Donna Luckman asks "are we really going to get a debate based on facts?" This is a very good question. We all need to take care that we make realistic assesments of the probability and consequences of things happening and avoid making a decision based on just reading headlines.

The nuclear proponents make a big deal about comparing the stability of nuclear energy compared to the variability of wind and solar, however wind and solar tend to be spread around, and tend to peak at different times, hence a judicious mix of the two can provide substantial proportions of the electricity supply. As an example Germany intends to increase Solar and wind to 25% of the electricity market within 15 years. To be fair to nuclear supporters, I have to concede that Germany currently provides 30% of its electricity from nuclear power. However there is fierce debate there with a significant portion of the population wanting to wean themselves from reliance on nuclear power.

Looking at the other side of the coin, I believe we can do much more with energy conservation, and I feel that this, combined with solar and wind can reduce and eventually eliminate the net production of greenhouse gases.

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Can Portable Evaporative Coolers give good comfort?

Conventional Portable evaporative cooler performance is rarely Satisfactory.

The reasons include:

A lot of the information given by salespeople and even the operating instructions included with the coolers is partially correct but doesn't give the full story.

To resolve a number of the performance problems of portable evaporative coolers I have developed a new concept for which I have a Patent Pending. These new super portable evaporative coolers are not yet available as I am still negotiating with a large manufacturer to have them produced.

In the meantime, if you are relying on an existing portable evaporative cooler, you need to:

I will give more information in a future issue.

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