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A short newsletter giving practical advice on minimising your energy for heating and cooling focusing on low cost easily implemented ideas.

If buying a refrigerative air conditioner don't forget to check the size required by using a SureCool Air Conditioner Selector


How can you get more cooling from your portable evaporative cooler?

Further to last issues item on portable evaporative coolers, I have expanded the comments on how to get the most from a portable evaporative cooler into a web page. The page at is complete with photographs showing what to do and what not to do.

I am also designing a range of CoolerBoost patented add on ducts for portable evaporative coolers that can reduce discomfort by up to 75%. The first kit in the range for a Convair model 800 has already been released and a kit for the Convair Millennium is due to be released in the next few weeks. Find out more at (Who do you know who uses a portable evaporative cooler? Forward this e-mail to them!)

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Australian Greenhouse Office has a win over mislabelled air conditioners!

There's good news and bad news. The bad news is that LG released more than 15,000 mislabelled air conditioners onto the Australian Market. The good news is that The Australian Greenhouse Office raised the matter with the ACCC and consumers will be able to get refunds. (Who do you know who might have bought an LG from 2002 to 2005? Forward this e-mail to them!)

The ACCC investigation followed a complaint by the Australian Greenhouse Office. Check tests conducted on behalf of the Department of Energy, Utilities and Sustainability in New South Wales, and Energy Safe Victoria, found that:

As a result, it is likely that the five air conditioner models use more electricity and, accordingly, cost more to run than would be the case if those air conditioners complied with the values stated on the relevant energy labels.

If you bought one of the models below, between the dates listed and relied on representations made by LG in relation to the cooling capacity, power consumption or efficiency of that air conditioner contact LG on 1800 506 154. You will need to provide LG with your contact details, together with proof of purchase or other evidence reasonably establishing your ownership of an affected model within the next six months.

 Air conditioner model  Relevant dates of sale  Rebate per unit
 LST182H-2  16 October 2002 14 December 2004  $71.54
 LST244H-2  31 October 2002 22 October 2005  $198.22
 LST244T-2  24 October 2002 20 January 2004  $208.28
 LSZ182M-4  23 September 2004 20 October 2005  $89.42
 LBNL6081BL / LBUL6080BL  3 September 2003 22 September 2005  $436.77

If a high profile company like LG can allow their quality to slip, then it is reasonable to conclude that the risk of a no-name brand supplying defective quality goods is very high. Because there are a large number of no-name brands, each selling relatively small quantities, each individual brand is a harder target for the Greenhouse Office. However I hope they are encouraged by this win to audit the production of other smaller manufacturers.

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Think spring, think minimising heating and cooling.

Although most of Australia has had some hot weather, most people have also experienced some cooler weather. Try and use this fact to keep yourself cool and warm without using very much energy. This is the weather that a cavity brick home performs best in, but all styles of home should use less energy now than in the middle of summer or middle of winter.

If it looks like being a warm day keep the sun off the windows during the day and open the windows at night for free cooling. (Keeping the windows closed during the day.)

If it looks like getting too cool, then try and capture any sunlight during the day and close curtains and windows at night to keep the heat in.

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