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A short newsletter giving practical advice on minimising your energy for heating and cooling focusing on low cost easily implemented ideas.

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What is an up-duct?

An up-duct is a device for people with evaporative coolers. It allows the air from the evaporative cooler to escape out through the roof space. This has a number of benefits:

If you are handy, you can install one yourself. They are available from most evaporative cooler component suppliers like Polyaire which has branches in most states. Alternatively they can be put in by your local air conditioning contractor.

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More on electricity price rises.

Electricity prices are set to rise a further 5% in South Australia. This is indicative of the general trend that although in many states electricity prices have been falling, this is about to change and price rises greater than the consumer price index are likely to occur.

The main long term driver for price rises is the rapidly rising peak summer loads for air-conditioning. This means that the electricity generators need more power plants and they need to charge enough to pay for them. Although the majority of Australians have had some form of air conditioning for some time now, there are a number of things driving the rising peak loads.

The only positive aspects are

In summary, if we want electricity prices to be affordable we have to reduce air conditioning energy use even more than we need to reduce other energy use. As well as keeping electricity prices under control, reducing electricity use will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, other pollution, resource depletion and your own electricity bill!

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How can your clothes save energy?

Wear clothing to suit the season. In summer wear lightweight clothes (shorts and T-shirt or equivalent). In winter wear medium weight winter clothing (long pants, shirt and lightweight jumper or equivalent).

This will enable you to set the thermostat to a higher temperature in summer and a lower temperature in winter. Even a small change in thermostat setting can have a significant effect because (using summer as an example) at a higher room temperature

If you work in an office and are required to wear a suit, or at least long pants and long sleeve shirt, it is harder to adjust your clothing. However I recommend you

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