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Getting the most from your evaporative cooler

To get maximum performance from the cooler we recommend you follow these instructions. For further details about your cooler operation refer to the manufacturers literature. This advice is of a general nature and may need to be modified to suit your specific needs.

Opening windows

To get the maximum possible performance from your cooler, you need to set the correct amount of window opening. An evaporative cooler blows air into the room, but you have to let the air out, otherwise the fresh air won't be able to get in. This is normally achieved by opening windows or doors. As an alternative a security relief grille could be installed in the ceiling. The best amount and location of openings depends on the room arrangement and wind direction. Normally a window open about 300 mm in each room should be adequate. (more in larger rooms). It is worth experimenting with this amount as some axial fan coolers need more area or they become noisy. The openings should not face the wind. Refer diagram 1.

Adjusting the louvres

The aim is to spread the cold air as widely and evenly as possible within the room. With the normal type of ceiling grille, the four or six segments can be rotated to direct air where required. The louvres in the grille can be adjusted to direct the air down and to spread it out. Simply hold each blade and rotate to direct the air.


Windows are the bane of the air conditioning designer for a number of reasons.

There are a number of ways to minimise these problems


Wear lightweight clothes (shorts and T-shirt or equivalent) to suit the season.

Ventilating without cooling

It is possible to ventilate without cooling, (refer to the manufacturer's instructions for the control setting required). This will run the fan to bring fresh air in, but will not run the pump. You may choose to do this if it is cool outside but the house is still warm, or if you want to get rid of smells, or even to dry the floor after you have mopped it!

Cleaning the cooler

Your cooler needs regular cleaning to ensure it continues to perform properly. Generally the cooler should be serviced at least at the start and finish of the cooling season. Even if a cooler has a dry tank mode, it still needs to be cleaned at least once per year. For commercial installations or in bad water areas these frequencies need to be increased. Check your local regulations for frequency of maintenance.

Your authorised dealer will be happy to arrange a regular service. However if you are handy you may prefer to perform the work yourself (refer to the manufacturer's literature).

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