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Patented CoolerBoost portable evaporative cooler duct kits reduce discomfort up to 75%*.

If you've used a portable evaporative cooler, you will know that in most locations they just don't get cool enough. The CoolerBoost is designed to help you get the maximum possible performance from your cooler. You will be amazed at the improvement in comfort! The drop in temperature is usually enough to make the difference between being way too hot, and being cool enough to get on with your life. (Actual temperature drop and comfort depends on the building, weather at the time of the experiment and how you use the cooler.)

CoolerBoost duct kit fitted to a portable evaporative cooler

A Cooler Boost duct kit fitted to a portable evaporative cooler


The cooler manufacturer's claimed cooling capacities are a theoretical capacity which you just can't achieve in practice, even when using the cooler in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. The CoolerBoost is designed to raise the actual cooling effect to near the claimed capacity.

The CoolerBoost kits have been developed using 25 years worth of evaporative cooling knowledge and extensive testing. The kits have been optimised to get the most performance for the smallest size. Another key design criterion was to make the kits as flexible as possible to give big improvements in as many homes as possible.

The CoolerBoost works by:


The CoolerBoost kits work with all window types.

They generally suit windows where the bottom of the opening portion of the window is less than 1050 mm (105 cm) above floor level. The top of the opening window must be above 800 mm (80 cm) above floor level.

CoolerBoost duct kits are currently available for the Convair Model 800 and for the Convair Millenium/Mastercool/Megacool. However if you need one for a different model, check our on-line shop as new products are being added continuously.

Seven cool reasons to buy your CoolerBoost now:

Buy your CoolerBoost duct kit to suit your portable evaporative cooler from our on-line shop.

* Percentage reduction in expected average annual hours of discomfort when a CoolerBoost is fitted to a Convair model 800 in a room with a conventional sill height in Canberra.

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