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Portable Evaporative Coolers

Portable evaporative coolers are often bought by people who are renting a home without air conditioning, so they can take the cooler with them when they leave. However most purchasers are disappointed. It is possible to design an effective portable evaporative cooler, although the majority of the products on the market don't have a chance of keeping the purchaser cool.


The reasons conventional Portable evaporative cooler performance is rarely satisfactory include:

A lot of the information given by salespeople and even the cooler operating instructions is partially correct but doesn't give the full Story. For more information see Getting the most from your portable evaporative cooler.

New research

To resolve a number of the performance problems of portable evaporative coolers I have been conducting research and developed a new concept for which I have a Patent Pending. CoolerBoost duct kits are now available to dramatically improve the performance of some portable evaporative coolers.

I also have some useful advice for How To Choose A Portable Evaporative Cooler.

What about Portable Refrigerative Air Conditioners?

A Portable refrigerative air Conditioner is not as good as a conventional refrigerative air Conditioner. In mild climates like much of Europe, their performance is acceptable, but in hot or humid Climates like Australia or much of the USA their performance is inadequate. In fact in hot dry climates a portable evaporative cooler using my Patent may well outperform a Portable Refrigerative Air Conditioner. For more information see Why not buy a Portable Refrigerative Air Conditioner?

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