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How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases in Comfort
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How double glazing your windows will save greenhouse gases and money.

Windows are like having a hole in a rainwater tank. The water, or in this case heat, flows out and after a short while there is none left, leaving you cold. In summer the heat flows the other way, leaving you hot. Current building regulations recognise this and won't allow you to have walls made completely of plain glass. Every window needs some form of window treatment. If you are building from new, there are some excellent high-performance windows now available. However, in an existing home it is generally too expensive to replace your windows. Here is my best advice on double glazing options in an existing home:

Much of the advertising for double glazing gives the impression that it eliminates the need to have curtains. My belief is that we should use them in conjunction with each other. Curtains have the advantage that you can control them, closing them at night to reduce heat loss when it is coldest, and opening them in the day to let the sun in. Double glazing has the advantage that it is there all the time and helps prevent heat loss even if you forget to close your curtains. The combination of double glazing and effective curtains, gives a very low loss of energy through the windows.

The ideal spacing between panes for double-glazing is about 19 mm, but anything larger than 6 mm will be useful. For acoustic (sound) insulation a much larger spacing is better (80-150 mm), although this slightly reduces the thermal (heat) insulation.

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