House Taming
How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases in Comfort
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House Taming, How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases in Comfort

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Go the next step after watching Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' or reading Tim Flannery's 'The Weather Makers'

Today most people realise they should do something about their own personal greenhouse gas emissions. In fact there are lots of people willing to tell you what to do. However there is very little information about how to do it. House Taming, How to reduce Greenhouse Gases in comfort is a book which gives you the how as well as the what.

It is clear to most of us that our earth is going through a warming phase due to the emission of greenhouse gases. The easiest thing most people can do to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions is to reduce household energy use. This book is about what to do to reduce your household energy use and how to go about doing that. The point is that you don’t have to wear a hair shirt and not bathe for three months to make a difference. I give you the knowledge so you can decide how to best reduce your energy use to fit with your lifestyle. I give plenty of low or nil cost tips to reduce energy use and increase comfort. If you have more money available I show you how you can save even more energy. I give you the information to decide which ideas are appropriate for you.

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Your energy use depends on the particulars of your house and lifestyle. So general advice on what to do doesn't necessarily reduce your Greenhouse Emmissions cost effectively. That is why you need 'House Taming'. This book helps you to decide what to do and how to do it. Think of 'House Taming' as the operating manual for your house. The book has troubleshooting information and other features you would expect to find in an operating manual. It covers all the main energy users and greenhouse gas generators in the home, including heating, cooling, hot water, lights, clothes washing, drying and ironing, standby losses etc.. For more details see the Table of Contents

“Thank you for your very useful book and web based info!”
Gabrielle, Thornbury, Victoria.

Clive Blanchard's innovative approach makes it easy to really save money while reducing Greenhouse Gases and living a comfortable lifestyle. The book goes beyond conventional wisdom and debunks many myths. It is jam packed with information you won't find anywhere else.

Free bonus use of the 'Room SureCool' calculator valued at $19.95

Purchasers of the book also get free access to online resources exclusive to the book and free access to the 'Room SureCool' calculator valued at $19.95. The online resources include checklists to make sure you get it right, and other free downloads.

“The book offers practical advice on how to make your house more comfortable with the least damage to the environment. It provides information to the non-specialist on how to select and maintain heating and cooling systems. The book contains useful details for the householder, written in plain language without using technical jargon.”
Wasim Saman, Professor of Sustainable Energy Engineering; Director, Institute for Sustainable Systems and Technologies; Director, Sustainable Energy Centre, University of South Australia.

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The recommended retail price is $29.95, Buy online and you only pay $17.97 (there are no postage and handling charges). This is excellent value for money. As the bonuses are worth more than this, effectively you are getting the book for free. Buy 'House Taming' now.

No risk 30 day moneyback guarantee

We are so confident that you will get value for money from the book that we give you a fantastic guarantee. If, within 30 days of buying the book, you haven't found at least one action to take, that saves you more money than the cost of the book, we will give you your money back (including postage and handling)!

About the Author, Clive Blanchard

Clive is well qualified to write this book. He is a Registered Professional Engineer with a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering. Clive has over 30 years experience in the fields of air conditioning and energy use. As well as working as a consultant, he has worked for various air conditioning contractors and manufacturers and done home energy auditing. He is a Director of COOLMAX, a business helping people reduce energy use in the home while increasing comfort. (See the COOLMAX). He is a Standards Australia Subcommittee Member, has served as an expert witness and has been on Institution of Engineers Excellence Awards jury panels. Clive has published a number of technical papers on air conditioning and energy use. Clive's concern about Greenhouse Gases and interest in reducing energy use started at high school, decades before most people had heard of Greenhouse Gases!

The book is illustrated by Stephanie Blanchard, artist and art teacher.

Help fund energy efficiency research!

Part proceeds of House Taming: How to reduce greenhouse gases in comfort will be used to fund additional research into energy efficiency in the home.

“I have enjoyed reading your book and picked up many tips.”
Dennis Cooper, McDowell, Queensland

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