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On-line press releases from COOLMAX on improving building energy efficiency and reducing air conditioner power use

On-line press releases from COOLMAX on improving building energy efficiency. The media centre also has articles on air conditioning power use.

Permission is given to use the following media releases provided the source is acknowledged. I am prepared to rewrite these pieces to suit your audience, just Contact us. I have also given radio interviews, and am prepared to give interviews on most topics associated with home air conditioning or energy use.

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Productivity Commission draft report on energy saving a 'disappointment'.


The report takes a very hands off 'free market' approach to the issue of energy conservation as a means to reduce greenhouse gas production. In fact of the eleven key points in the executive summary, only two (grudgingly) concede that there may be a case for taking action, the other 9 points are either observations or recommendations to stop or delay actions already under-way!

Submission by Clive Blanchard to the Energy Efficiency Inquiry.


Wider use of evaporative cooling could save Australia hundreds of millions of dollars. A submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into the Economic and Environmental Potential of Energy Efficiency.

Air conditioner levy could boost alternative cooling technologies


A proposal to introduce a levy on air conditioners has sparked intense criticism. This shows why the criticism is misguided.


Background information on COOLMAX and evaporative cooling.

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